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Riselabs’ app development, OKButton, has been featured by Digital People in Peterborough (DPiP) in their April Monthly Meetup!

DPiP is a community founded to promote all things digital in Peterborough UK and beyond, supporting wellbeing and mental health through a common interest in digital technologies.

Riselabs own Jackson talks to DPiP about why OKButton came about, how the app has gone from strength to strength, and the imminent launch of the beta, highlights that though the project has been something of a learning curve for him.

The process has been really accessible because of the passion and expertise of the Riselabs team, he also talks in depth about market research, costs and software challenges that comes with app development; for example, finding developers with the right skills to make your idea a reality.

Have you been inspired by this talk? Do you have an app idea that’s been rolling around your head for years? Get in touch with Riselabs, we will help move your concept from your head, to the drawing board, to the app store!

If you are interested in taking a closer look at the content of the presentation Contact OKButton if you’d like a copy of the slides!



Alex works with our clients and partners daily, providing one-to-one expertise in support and developer comms. He sees all that happens in Riselabs and has the notes to prove it, so he shares that insight on our blog.