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It is not a secret that the world’s pandemic has affected everyone; leaving us stressed out and exhausted. It becomes harder to stay focused, productive and responsible, especially when it comes to managing others.

If you are a workaholic like me, you might find it heart-breaking being unable to multitask like you’ve always done before.

However, here’s the list of my tips and tricks that always help me stay sane for my team even when I’m having one of those unproductive days!

Reminders are cool

It’s okay to forget things. Our brain has its own maximum capacity and it gets lower if you are not feeling 100%. Stop thinking that reminders were made to help your nana take her pill in time and start using the reminder apps properly.

I have made it a habit to have a long list of daily reminders alongside with my to-do lists. Even though I will most likely remember to reply to a client’s email or buy a gift for my mom’s birthday, it’s always good to remind yourself.

Help others to help

Unfortunately a lot of people are too proud to ask for help as most of them tend to think that being weak is not sexy. The good thing is that our world is full of helpful people and those who would always offer you a hand and assistance.

If you think that the need for help is born out of weakness, try to think it this way: by letting other people help yourself – you’re helping them to feel needed. It took me a long time to learn to accept others’ help, but also feel good asking for it when I feel unproductive or incompetent. For the sake of best results, but your pride to one side, and ask for help when you feel you can’t do it on your own. 

Do To-Do lists

Some say that diamonds are girl’s best friends, I am convinced that to-do lists are much better and useful.

It is a proven fact that accomplishing different tasks makes us feel better and happier. So why not give it a try and compliment yourself for another productive day?

I recommend having at least two to-do lists on a regular basis: once for your daily tasks and another one for the more long-term ones. Feel free to add the minor things like buying a croissant or having a daily meeting with your team to your to-do lists. 

The Golden hours

Just like every item has it’s golden ratio, every day has it’s golden hours. Those are the hours when you’re feeling the most productive and full of energy.

For some people it’s early mornings, for others the evenings are best. Try to identify yours and use them to their fullest!

If you’re an early bird like me – make sure that your mornings are overloaded with the tasks that have high or highest priority. As a result, my mornings are usually fulfilled with writing SRS or planning the workload for others so that they can be more inspired to help them accomplish their daily goals. 

I hope this article will encourage you to feel better about the times when you’re not productive. Ultimately, sometimes the best way to manage your surroundings, is to mange yourself; have a day off, and get back to 100%!



Alina keeps our projects running smooth, our teams coordinated and our clients informed. She is our resident octopus of Project Management, with arms connecting to all that is happening in Riselabs.