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Designing the software your business needs should always be preceded by carefully assessing what the requirements are. Before a line of code should be written, developing an in-depth, measurable plan should be a priority.

The Questions to Ask

Firstly, it is important to define the requirement for your software as an initial part of the planning process. There needs to be a robust plan of what’s needed before you take off. Doing this offers you a reasonable idea of where you’re headed  – it’s this that can help make informed decisions on how functionality really relates to your business.

In fact, the importance of the roadmap is paramount for giving your software the opportunity to be as successful as possible with the least risk of overhaul later down the line. The questions you might want to ask are:

What do I want to achieve with this software long term?

Ironing out ambitions for the software offers a sense of what needs to be achieved in the longer term. This can help you to develop the infrastructure that will support your future development requirements

What do I need right now, what’s the priority?

It’s important to understand what the software should be able to do from the outset, with careful consideration for budget and timescales. If you’re looking to implement a client resources area on your website at a later date, have you asked them how they will engage with it? This questioning will help you to determine how features should be designed, or whether they are worth implementing.

What will I review before I develop the next phase?

It’s important to assess what needs to be reviewed. Whether this is the number of visitors engaging with a system or the number of leads captured, measuring these metrics can support and re-define your goals moving forward.

Once You’ve Understood the Business Requirements

Defining the above details are important in understanding how your business logic should work in conjunction with software. Your chosen developer should work to understand what your business is aiming to achieve with a given software. They can then assess and probe your scope of requirements to ensure you are getting the solution that’s suitable for the immediate and longer-term.



Jackson is the Founder of Riselabs and gets a real buzz from helping businesses improve their processes. When he isn't consulting with his clients to help them build a bespoke product that will change their business, he can be found travelling the world with his camera by his side. Jackson loves nothing more than life's adventures, and has the pictures to prove it.