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Building an app sounds like an incredibly complicated thing to achieve. Right?

You’ve got so many devices, users and environments to optimise for, and of course, you’ve got all the design and coding to do as well. Oh, and don’t forget backend data storage. Surely then, building an app is incredibly complicated, right?

Well, not really. It’s surprisingly more accessible than you may think, but there are various aspects and layers to app development that you need to think about.


Cost is usually the first consideration and will largely be dictated by your app’s function and complexity.


  1. How complex is the UI?
  2. Will you require back end infrastructure and connected servers?
  3. How will you manage security and user data?
  4. How many platforms is it being developed for?
  5. Is there a single core use, like the calculator app, or is it more complex and multifunctional like Uber or JustEat?

All of these aspects will contribute to development time, expertise and ultimately, the final cost.


As mentioned, the level of complexity will dictate development time and the level of development expertise required. Also, the development will likely not start immediately. During initial communication regarding the project technical and business requirements and goals will be considered, leading to a detailed time and cost estimate in the discovery stage. Once this has been agreed, then development can begin.

Launch and beyond!

Launching version 1.0 is not the end!

Building an app is a long-term investment. It’s not about how much you spend on day zero on the app itself, because apps need looking after, and you must maintain them. And app users are fickle creatures – if something doesn’t work how they expect it to work, they will leave the app, they will close it, and they will delete it. Be prepared for long-term investment. As your audience grows, they will request new features and new ideas you may never have thought off.

Ultimately, it’s not the idea that’s the expensive thing. It’s pretty straightforward to build an app – and it’s effortless to do it inexpensively; it is the actual development and support that comes with it. There are many systems like and to allow you to create an app with no coding knowledge whatsoever. They’ll also let you deploy the app, handling all of the work of getting the app out there to people.

If you have an idea for an app or a platform, get in touch with Riselabs, and we can help you flesh out your idea, and help bring it to life with our expertise!



Jackson is the Founder of Riselabs and gets a real buzz from helping businesses improve their processes. When he isn't consulting with his clients to help them build a bespoke product that will change their business, he can be found travelling the world with his camera by his side. Jackson loves nothing more than life's adventures, and has the pictures to prove it.